Medieval Siege Weapons in History?

Answer Medieval siege weapons were devices used to break through fortified walls during warfare. Siege warfare involved blockading a town, castle or fortress, and attempting to enter and capture it. Maint... Read More »

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How to Build Medieval Weapons out of Wood?

In this Article I will show you how to make number of medeival weapons out of wood. By the end you will have a vast array of sparring weapons ready to use including the flail and the axe.

School Projects on Medieval Weapons?

Studying the Middle Ages becomes more exciting for students when they turn from traditional aspects of the time to the more macabre. Medieval weapons abound at Renaissance fairs and in movies but n... Read More »

How to Make Crude Medieval Weapons from Wood?

This article provides basic ways to make medieval weapons from simple pieces of wood. They are only for play purposes and will be very rustic, basic items.

How to Make a Medieval Social Studies Project on Weapons?

The Medieval era (5th to 15th century A.D.) was a violent and bloody period in European history. During this time, a kingdom was only as powerful as its ability to conquer its neighbors and defend ... Read More »