Medieval Hairstyles for Women?

Answer The Medieval era has been depicted in various ways through literature, film and art. The picture you imagine of a woman from this period varies greatly on what interpretations you have been exposed... Read More »

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How to Do Medieval Hairstyles?

Hairstyles during Medieval times were extremely formal and sometimes highly complicated. Braids and buns were particularly popular among the nobility. Some of the more intricate hairstyles were sha... Read More »

Medieval or Renaissance Hairstyles?

There was a huge cultural transition in Europe from the Middle Ages -- from the fall of the Roman Empire until the middle of the 14th century -- to the Renaissance, named for the period's "rebirth"... Read More »

Medieval Braided Hairstyles?

Medieval fashion was very focused on modesty and religious piety. Preachers would often remind their parishioners that indulging in vanity was a sin; cosmetics, fancy clothing and loose hair were e... Read More »

What did women wear in Medieval times?

The specific type of women's medieval clothing depended greatly on the rank they held. Members of the nobility had beautiful clothes made of silk and other fine garments, while serfs and peasants w... Read More »