Medieval Farm Tools?

Answer The Medieval period is both a time and a place. The time is from the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 A.D. until the 15th century. The place is Europe. This period of a thousand years was p... Read More »

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Tools of Medieval Doctors?

Physicians and surgeons in the Middle Ages had very limited medical knowledge, and what they did know was based on ancient Greek medical texts written by Hippocrates and Galen. Physicians used very... Read More »

Medieval Glassblowing Tools?

Glass has been around for 3,500 years, but the technique of blowing it like soap bubbles started in about 50 BCE with the Romans. Glass vessels of the period were blown, while colored glass for chu... Read More »

What does the name 'manor farm' symbolize in animal farm?

In Animal Farm what changes did Napoleon make after he took over the farm?

Once control was taken by Napoleon, he gradually set about securing pig autonomy over the other abnimals, feathered his own nest and set about vilifying Snowball and using him as a scapegoat. The s... Read More »