Medieval Art Projects for School?

Answer Important social, political, religious and intellectual changes took place during the medieval period, including the development and evolution of feudalism, the re-emergence of democratic philosoph... Read More »

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School Projects on Medieval Weapons?

Studying the Middle Ages becomes more exciting for students when they turn from traditional aspects of the time to the more macabre. Medieval weapons abound at Renaissance fairs and in movies but n... Read More »

School Projects on Medieval Maces?

Looking for a history project that will catch your teacher's attention and still be interesting for you? Consider the medieval mace as the subject of your next project. The weapon was common during... Read More »

School Projects on Medieval Bows and Arrows?

During the Middle Ages, the bow and arrow was an essential part of daily life. It wasn't just a weapon, but also a hunting tool necessary for survival. For a school project on the medieval bow and ... Read More »

Student Projects on the Medieval Times?

Students studying medieval times can learn important lessons about history and sociology. Assigning student projects helps them do their own research and use creativity to apply what they have lear... Read More »