Medicines that are very harmful to pregnants?

Answer advil and other pain relievers can be harmful to pregnant women

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Alarm clock that works for a very, very, very heavy sleeper?

Yes, there is something that is called a vibrating alarm clock. It has a pad that attaches to the clock. This pad can be inserted under your mattress or pillow and "shake you awake". They can also ... Read More »

Smoking is very harmful however I wonder if there are any benefits of it?

It calms you down (if you're already addicted, that is) and some people find that it suppresses their appetites. Sometimes your employer will allow you to take cigarette breaks, during which you're... Read More »

Why are alternative medicines more preferred than primary medicines?

They work,without dangerous side effects.

Medicines that contain alcohol?

If it's an emergency situation, or there are no other alternatives, then it is not haram. But it is best to find an alternative if there are any available. Allahu alim. Read More »