Medical question on a Death Certificate....could you help?

Answer It means the cancer had spread all over, but they could not discern know where the primary (the first in, the one that began it all) was."When carcinomatosis is the presenting feature it is usual t... Read More »

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DOCTORS!!! please answer my's a life and death question.!?

Right now you are having a panic attack! Chill out! Take some deep breaths,and relax. I answered some of your other questions,please go back and look at my responses.Heartburn can cause pain like a... Read More »

I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?

How to Become a NYS Medical Legal Death Investigator?

New York State medical legal death investigators work with the Office of the Medical Examiner, investigating any kind of unnatural death such as a suicide or homicide. Their responsibilities might ... Read More »

What happens to a person's medical records after death?

Medical records contain paper or electronic histories of patient medical care and treatment throughout the life of the patient. After death, many different factors affect retention of and access to... Read More »