Medical question- Women please dont read unless you are doctor or nurse - thanks?

Answer You realise matey that by putting dont read unless your a doctor or nurse means that most mateys in here are gonna be reading ithowever matey that sound like it be a sweat rash yar try some sudocre... Read More »

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This Is A Question For A Doctor Or Nurse?

Smoke (of ANY kind) damages the defense mechanisms in the lungs. That's likely a big factor.Regardless of the reason, if he gets flu regularly, he needs to get a flu shot, EVERY YEAR.

How do you ask a doctor a question with no medical insurance?

Maybe your counselor can help. Do you know of anyone else who has undergone the transformation? If so, find out what doctor they used.

For doctor and women operated...a important question!?

We do hope to get from the answers you receive what you want. The matter for this will light a little starGiselle

If you are pregnant can you have regular medical to see a certain OB Doctor even though your medical is set just to a certain doctor?

Answer Are you in an HMO? When you said "certain doctor" do you mean your Primary Care Physician or a certain OB doctor? Is there only ONE OB doctor on your plan? There are usually several in a med... Read More »