Medical prescription for contraceptive?

Answer Contraception is free on the NHS. You can go to a Family Planning clinic or your GP for contraception and you can go alone.However, your medical history and the doctor/nurse you see will determine ... Read More »

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Are prescription drugs included with medical bills?

Answer Prescription drugs are not charged in medical bills. It will not be included in hospital bills if the drugs are bought inside the hospital. Also the drug is included in the medical bill if ... Read More »

Medical & Legal Responsibilities for Prescription Drugs?

Pharmacists have a significant responsibility when dispensing prescription drugs to consumers. They have to make sure that these substances are available for legitimate medical and scientific purpo... Read More »

How much is a prohibition era book of prescription forms for medical liquor worth?

Here's an ebay auction; single forms were sold for $24.99.…Some more auctions; prices vary widely.…I think it's w... Read More »

If you are on two medical insurance plans and the primary will not pay for a prescription can the secondary be used to cover it?

Answer Depends what the 2nd policy pays for. Doesn't hurt to send in the claim forms. Try reading the policy or brochure.