Medical Uses of the Loquat Tree?

Answer The Loquat tree is a member of the Rose family, and is also known as the Japanese Plum tree. The tree has dark green, glossy leaves and small, oval yellow-orange fruit. Loquat trees are indigenous ... Read More »

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How do I prune a loquat tree?

Cut off any infected branches with sterilized cutting shears. Sterilizing the shears before use will prevent bacteria from spreading to the rest of the tree. Prune young loquat trees (1 to 2 years)... Read More »

How Do I Grow a Loquat Plum Tree?

Plant the loquat tree on the south or southeast facing side of the house for optimal sunlight and protection from the cold . Find a location with well drained and fertile soil that is slightly acid... Read More »

Neem tree has many uses.Have you ever used neem tree twigs for brushing your teeth?

Neem is an extremely useful tree. From roots to flowers every part of the tree is useful . It has not become as popular as it ought to be because for westerners synthesizing individual chemicals i... Read More »

Medical Uses for Botox?

The Food and Drug Administration first approved the use of Botox in 1989 to treat eye muscle spasm. It has since risen in popularity (as well as some controversy) in its cosmetic use as an anti-agi... Read More »