Medical Technician Information?

Answer Medical technicians are responsible for performing diagnostic tests on human tissue samples for the purposes of identifying and treating disease. More than half of medical technicians work in hospi... Read More »

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Medical Laboratory Technician Information?

Medical laboratory technicians are responsible for performing diagnostic tests in medical facilities and their work is considered to be a crucial and integral part of diagnosing and treating diseas... Read More »

What is a medical technician?

Medical technicians play a key role in health care. They are able to work in diverse fields after getting their certification. They can take courses in a specialized field upon graduating from high... Read More »

Medical Technician Qualifications?

Medical technicians are present in almost every type of medical practice, including labs, medical clinics and hospitals. A medical technician may be certified in a specific field as well. They work... Read More »

How much does a medical lab technician make?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a medical laboratory technician was about $35,000 in 2006. The high earners made about $53,000 per year while the lo... Read More »