Medical Drugs Pharmacology question i need help please?

Answer PENICILLIN (sometimes abbreviated PCN) - Brand Name: varies, Pfizerpen and Bicillin are a couple of brand names. Generic name: PenicillinIndications for use: bacterial infections, anthrax, syphilli... Read More »

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Im taking 4 medical drugs and i think its hurting me?

Your constipation is caused by lack of eating (not much food to move through your system) and the codeine, which is an opiate (I don't know why they don't warn patients that codeine can cause const... Read More »

Medical & Legal Responsibilities for Prescription Drugs?

Pharmacists have a significant responsibility when dispensing prescription drugs to consumers. They have to make sure that these substances are available for legitimate medical and scientific purpo... Read More »

Are prescription drugs included with medical bills?

Answer Prescription drugs are not charged in medical bills. It will not be included in hospital bills if the drugs are bought inside the hospital. Also the drug is included in the medical bill if ... Read More »

What medical conditions should you tell your doctor about before taking antiprotozoal drugs?

Anemia or other blood problems Kidney disease Heart disease Low blood pressure Diabetes Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) Liver disease Stomach or intestinal disease Nerve or brain disease or disorder... Read More »