Medical Drugs Pharmacology question i need help please?

Answer PENICILLIN (sometimes abbreviated PCN) - Brand Name: varies, Pfizerpen and Bicillin are a couple of brand names. Generic name: PenicillinIndications for use: bacterial infections, anthrax, syphilli... Read More »

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Help me with a medical question please.?

First of all....Do you REALLY know the definition of Bird Flu in the first instance ??? The bird would have to have had an Autopsy for CLARIFICATION....Your previous question.....You have the flu..... Read More »

Please see the question.I need serious help?

You may be wearing shoes that don't properly fit your feet or you may have problems with your arches. When either happens it can cause the kind of pain you are describing. You need to go see a p... Read More »

Sex question!! need a little help please?

Yes its going to hurt so accept that as fact and take it slow or you will just hurt even more the next day. After a few weeks of having sex then you can ride as hard as you want.

Girls only question please i need help!?

buy oxy clean and clean it up. They shouldnt get mad... its not like you did it on purpose! but then again, I dont know your parents.