Media Codec Information?

Answer Digital media such as audio and video files can contain a variety of codecs. A codec is an algorithm that is used to encode and decode digital information. In addition to activating playback for co... Read More »

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What is a media codec?

Codec is a shortened term for the phrase “coder-decoder,” a compression tool that reduces the size of audio and video files for play on a computer or the Internet. The codec “codes” a file ... Read More »

How to Install an MP3 Codec for Windows Media Player?

Codecs are digital media software files that are used to compress or decompress songs and videos. Media files have compressed codecs so the files take up a minimal amount of space on your system. W... Read More »

How to Change Media Player Video Codec?

Each video file used on a computer requires a specific video codec installed. Without the codec the computer (and the media player) is not going to know how to run the video file. Many media player... Read More »

How to Upgrade the Windows Media Codec in Vista?

Whenever you copy music to your computer from a CD, Windows Media creates a "codec," a computer program that compresses the large music file. You may have recognized these as WMA files. Windows Med... Read More »