Media Codec Information?

Answer Digital media such as audio and video files can contain a variety of codecs. A codec is an algorithm that is used to encode and decode digital information. In addition to activating playback for co... Read More »

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What is a media codec?

Codec is a shortened term for the phrase “coder-decoder,” a compression tool that reduces the size of audio and video files for play on a computer or the Internet. The codec “codes” a file ... Read More »

What is a codec for the Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Players uses codecs like any other media software, according to Microsoft. Codecs are pieces of software that compress a file and then decompress it for playback. WMP uses the Windows... Read More »

How to Install a Codec in Windows Media Center?

Windows Media Center is a media program that allows users to view TV programs on their Windows devices. There are two ways to install a codec in Windows Media Center. The first way is to configure ... Read More »

How to Upgrade the Windows Media Codec in Vista?

Whenever you copy music to your computer from a CD, Windows Media creates a "codec," a computer program that compresses the large music file. You may have recognized these as WMA files. Windows Med... Read More »