Mechanical Properties of an Exhaust Manifold?

Answer Exhaust gases are emitted by combustion engines and are harmful when inhaled. An exhaust manifold is an exhaust system that includes an extended pipe that conducts exhaust gases away from the combu... Read More »

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Intake Manifold Vs. Exhaust Manifold?

Engines require a lot of airflow in order to work efficiently. An engine's manifolds, both intake and exhaust, work to transfer air within the engine to increase its performance.

The Mechanical Properties of Rubber?

Rubber, in its natural state, is too soft for usefulness. Through processing, rubber's internal structure improves or changes---and engineers are able to get rubber to perform as necessary. In1839,... Read More »

Mechanical Properties of PVC Plastic?

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a common thermoplastic and has uses in a variety of applications. Knowledge of its properties is important in understanding if PVC has the strength for use in a speci... Read More »

The Mechanical Properties of Bolts and Nuts?

Nuts and bolts find uses in a variety of applications ranging from automobiles to kitchen appliances. The keys that make these tools so useful are their mechanical properties. Unlike screws and nai... Read More »