Meateaters, would you become a vegan for 500,000 pounds?

Answer Okay, let me turn it around on you.Would you sell your soul for 500,000 pounds? You could do anything you want with the rest of your natural life.Goes against your intermost feelings and thoughts ... Read More »

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Could you be a vegan for a year if i paid u one million pounds?

Was that an offer? Let me prove it to you!

WHO ARE 500000 winners from are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Yes and No, It depends on what place it is or how bad it is.

Why do meateaters hate vegans?

I eat meat and don't hate vegans, however it does annoy me when they try to 'convert' me, as i am sure it is annoying for a vegan if someone tries to get them to eat meat or make fun of their choic... Read More »

Why do meateaters not care about animals?

1. Meat tastes good2. I don't care about animals3. It annoyes people like you4. Meat tastes goodTechnically, I know 1 & 4 are the same, but thought it so important that I should mention it twice.