Meat or veggie lover?

Answer I'm a carnivore. Why am I in the vegetarian and vegan section?, don't know, I'm not here to troll though.

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Can a true animal lover eat meat?

Unless love is half-hearted and selfish, if we love something we would want what is best for them.

Are you a true animal lover if you eat meat?

I don't think eating has much to do with loving animals or not. We may be technologically advanced but due to the speed (or lack of) when it comes to evolving, we're still very much in the cave. Ea... Read More »

What is you FAVORITE veggie SANDWICH, no meat?

A big baguette, with pineapple cottage cheese, loads of salad and sweetcorn sprinkled on top. And don't forget the freshly-ground pepper!!

Why would people choose to be veggie/vegan, and then eat a bunch of stuff that is made to mimic meat?

its really because hippies are hypocrites.animals were put on this earth to be eaten, not soy products