Measuring Instruments and Uses?

Answer Measuring instruments are useful tools. They can be simple, like rulers, or complex, like a laser rangefinder which determines the distance to an object by using a laser beam.

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Measuring Instruments?

Measuring instruments provide a standard to determine the qualities of an object, such as length, weight and temperature. Rulers, scales and thermometers are common measuring devices. Scientists an... Read More »

Engineering Measuring Instruments?

In engineering, knowing an object's quantitative parameters, such as length and weight, is very important. Archaic methods, such as calculating length of a tree using its shadow, are inaccurate, as... Read More »

Wind Measuring Instruments?

Measuring the wind is an essntial activity and ability for sailors and aviators. As wind greatly impacts the safety and navigation abilities of these methods of transportation, many seaports or air... Read More »

Calibrated Measuring Instruments?

Calibrated measuring instruments are finely tuned devices that employ electrical signals or physical quantities to take measurements. In addition, some instruments emit a frequency range, pulse str... Read More »