Measuring Games for Kids & Parents?

Answer As kids grow, they learn from their environment, experiences and instruction from parents, teachers and other adults. Kids need to understand and learn to measure height, depth and length in order ... Read More »

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What percentage of parents let their kids play M-rated games?

According to a survey conducted by, around 39 percent of parents allow their kids to play M-rated (called "18-rated" over there) video games. That's more than a third of pare... Read More »

Math Measuring Activities for Kids?

Math activitities don't have to consist of reading from a textbook and writing math problems on paper. There are many fun and hands-on activities that teach children the concept of measuring. Aside... Read More »

Interactive Measuring Games for Math?

Measure the concept understanding of children informally when measuring items during a mathematical game. Children can find the length, width, height and depth of tangible items or drawings with ei... Read More »

Interactive 5th Grade Games for Non-Standard Measuring?

Teach children to understand the measurement process using a variety of different tools. A nonstandard measuring unit can be anything and everything. Working with nonstandard measuring units will h... Read More »