Measurement Ideas for Kindergarten?

Answer During kindergarten, children begin exploring various concepts that pertain to different subject areasb. One subject that is of great focus during this year of school is mathematics, and measuremen... Read More »

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Measurement Activities for Kindergarten?

Measurement is an important concept for kindergartners to learn because of its use in so many other areas of daily life. Studying measurement introduces children to the concept of categorizing item... Read More »

Kindergarten Capacity Measurement Activities?

Lessons in capacity can be made fun for kindergartners, especially if they are measuring something they enjoy. Educators can use a variety of props to keep the concept of capacity understandable an... Read More »

How to Teach Measurement & Height in Kindergarten?

Teaching kindergartners how to measure is challenging because young children usually don't have any previous experience at home. However, as long as students can count at least up to 10, you can us... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Measurement in Second Grade?

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) lists two primary objectives for measurement for kindergarten through twelfth grade: students will comprehend the measurable characteristics o... Read More »