Meaning/ popularity of cross tattoos?

Answer by a cross i asasume you mean a crucifix upside down it usually means some sort of distane against jesus or the church or christianity in general, the cross the right way up is a symbol of faith.

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Do tattoos still have any meaning?

Wow - hell of a question!Firstly, tattoos are a personal thing so any comments given can only be from the perspective of the individual as generalisations do not work on this subject. Secondly, aes... Read More »

What is the meaning of tree tattoos?

Tattoos are ultimately symbolic to the individual who chooses to get one, but there are certain types of trees that are commonly used in tattoos; these trees have cultural or mythological significa... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of Feather Tattoos?

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What is the meaning of henna tattoos?

Henna tattoos have existed in Africa and the Middle East for generations and were most often used in ceremonies. Now the popularity of henna tattoos have spread to other parts of the world, with pe... Read More »