Meaning of an Esthetician?

Answer If your skin shows signs of aging, blackheads or if you simply need to relax, seek out an esthetician. Licensed skin care professionals known as estheticians (sometimes spelled aesthetician), evalu... Read More »

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Esthetician Tools?

An esthetician completes special cosmetology training to learn to treat disorders of the skin. To accomplish her tasks, she employs a variety of tools. The basic tools help her see what problems ne... Read More »

Esthetician Schooling?

Estheticians focus on the health and care of the skin. Before they begin to offer facial services, they must enroll in and complete training that will qualify them to pass a state cosmetology licen... Read More »

Esthetician Regulations?

Estheticians are specially trained in the care of skin. The state cosmetology board or licensing agency writes and implements regulations that protect the health and well-being of estheticians and ... Read More »

Esthetician Definition?

According to the New World Encyclopedia, one definition of the word "esthetic" is the study of beauty. Estheticians are practitioners of the branch of cosmetology that specialize in skin care. Care... Read More »