Meals to Make for Your Boyfriend?

Answer Making meals for your boyfriend is a thoughtful gesture, but it can be intimidating. Meals that will impress him and that he will enjoy are the goals, but meals that are fairly simple to prepare ar... Read More »

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How do I convince my difficult over-protective older brother that my boyfriend loves me and is right for me and how to make him like my boyfriend?

First show your brother all nice things your boyfriend is and if he still doesn't like him tell you brother to talk to your boyfriend so your brother can get to know him. And he should like you boy... Read More »

How to Make Meals for $3 or Less?

Enjoy a yummy meal - for $3 or less! Read this article.There are many people who always end up spending more than they can afford, even on things they can have the most control over their money lik... Read More »

So eating 6 small meals is better than 3 big meals?

Being older, diabetic and on a low glycemic diet it does help the sugar highs and lows for me, plus your not as hungry at the main meals, it is best to find out what your blood sugar levels are, ho... Read More »

Why is it more healthy to eat 6 small meals rather then 3 big meals?

It helps keep your metabolism faster by constantly fueling your body. The longer you go between meals, the more your body wants to hold onto whatever fat, calories, etc it has already taken in in c... Read More »