Meals That Include Pasta & Tomatoes?

Answer Almost everyone has enjoyed a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce at some point. However, this simple meal is not the only one that blends together the tastes of hearty red sauce with tasty carbs. Both... Read More »

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Pasta salad from ina gar ten where can I find the recipe for a pasta salad with angle hair pasta, tomatoes,bas?

This is probably the recipe you're looking for:…It looks delish! (:

Rotini pasta recipes not calling for dairy or tomatoes?

Well, you could have it sweet. Just mix up some ground toasted walnuts with sugar and put it over the hot noodles. Delish! or ground poppyseeds and sugar, or ground walnuts and jam - all of these v... Read More »

Why is it that my grandparents and others of their day that were cattle ranchers ate meals that consisted?

Cafes Restaurants and other food places find that most salad stuffs are left in the bag or on the plate so just put a tiny bit on the plate more as a garnish than a veggie/fruit serving. I still ea... Read More »

Can I post my video on Facebook if I include a disclaimer that states that I do not own the background song?

just saying that you down own the rights to the music doesnt make it any more legalbut you can try to upload it, and if it doesnt let you upload it, you know the reason whythe worst thing that will... Read More »