Me and my mate took this drug and we going mad!!!!!?

Answer Don't pi*s about with things you don't understand.You will be OK but learn from your stupidity.

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I took Molly and Adderall last week, will I pass my drug test that I took this morning?

Both are amphetamines or are related to amphetamines and both generaly clear out of your system within a few days. Drinking lots of fluids will just dilute your sample and make it come back as flus... Read More »

What could this mystery drug my friend took be?

no idea, get a drug store drug test and test him to see whats in his system he didn't put in itsneezing is a symptom of chemical poisoningits possibble he crushed alot of blue pills up or created h... Read More »

My child is getting hurt due two my husband took of with my best mate and she has two kids what do i do?

so your child is emotionaly hurt because your husband took off with your best mate and the best mate has two kids. well how does your child show she or he is hurt? was he a good father and husband?... Read More »

You took one dose of xanax how can you get it out of your system for a drug test?