Me and my friend are going to Chicago next week. Where to visit for food?

Answer Gene and Jude's hot dogs. When going to Chicago do not be put off by the front of a building. Go in and eat! Dives and hole-in-the-walls in Chicago are the way to go!

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My best friend is coming to visit and I'd like to stock up on food & drink?

i thought i wasn't allowed to bring Tapatio! don't try and play the good host when you said "no tapatio on my food" rrrrI aint no spongebob im royalty like Brian said....geesh

Who is going to leave next week on American idol?

=== The next person to leave on American Idol is going to be Matt Giraud! Definetly! He is not as good as a singer as anyone else. === They are already up to the top 5 and Matt has to go!

I am going to switzerland next summer and i wanna know what other european countries i should visit?

Just about anywhere in Europe is amazing, you cant go wrong anywhere. I suggest visiting Germany, France, northern Italy, Austria, or the Czech as all these countries border Switzerland and it wil... Read More »

Anyone want to wish me luck as im going into hospital next week.?

Keep your chin up hun....we're all wishing you well and get back to us all soon Good Luck