Me and T-pain are in love with the same stripper ?

Answer Hey, stop calling me a stripper

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How to Tell Your Best Friend That You Are in Love With the Same Guy?

Sistahs.Ah, amour. Things can be hard when a friend likes the same guy you do. It can break people apart. But if you read this, that won't be necessary.

Is pain & numbness from a pinched nerve a sign that injury is more severe than just same intensity pain alone?

I don't know where your injury is, but, for instance if you have a pain down the back of your leg, you could have sciatica, where a nerve in your lower back is being pinched. That is the pain and t... Read More »

After being demoted and still vmaking the same pay he is working the same department with his other coworkers doing same job is it unfair to those workers that he is still making the same money as bef?

You would get water from the 'scuttlebutt.' You could also go to the mess deck and get some java. Or go to the gedunk and buy a soda.

How to Make a Rust Stripper With Molasses?

Before you can repaint old metal like a car body, you must remove any active rust. This is often achieved through sanding, though a more environmentally friendly method using molasses and water. Th... Read More »