Mcfee and 2 computers, can I do it, protect them?

Answer Only Mcfee offers up to 3 licens keys. Norton only offers one.

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How should I protect my nails when I paint them/ or get them done when I wash dishes or cleaning?

Regular household rubber gloves are your best bet for protecting your nails and the polish. The thin doctors office type gloves will keep the water and chemicals off but don't provide much protect... Read More »

Computers....Can we live without them?

My computer was broken for about a month. I was shocked to learn that i could survive without it! Of course, i'd never want to do it again!

Can you link two computers too one screen and use them one at a time?

YES!You'll need kvm switch. check out the wikipedia link below to see an example and process steps.the kvm switch can range from $50-$200 depending on your usage.

If i have 2 computers,how can i use both of them as 1 screen?