Mcafee was installed w/o permission?

Answer A lot of times you'll install freeware (software that is given out free) and to generate profits these companies stick in some programs. These programs are fully voluntary, though. You were probabl... Read More »

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IE 10 - why would this be installed without my permission?

Go to Windows Update... on the lower left you will see "Installed Updates." Scroll down until you get to the Microsoft Windows section. IE10 will be in there. Right click it, hit Uninstall. Fol... Read More »

McAfee Security Scan Plus installed on multiple machines on my workplace How does it get in?

Since you mention that this is a work computer, odds are that your workplace is setup with the computers in a Server/Workstation scenario with the network controlled by a type of Domain Controller.... Read More »

McAfee "Installing McAfee Virusscan:Started" interferes with gaming?

Hi DarrylDe-activate McAffee when you run games. That is the worse software to run in any background and it's a memory hogger.

Does McAfee scan mean McAfee is looking at my files?

is looking for actually cant read a file,just now what the virus is.m