McAfee or Norton antivirus?

Answer AVG is better than both, and its FREE.The BEST protection is to practice safe computing..(AND of course have ALL the safety protection software necessary to help.)I use all of the following Free so... Read More »

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How to Replace Norton AntiVirus with McAfee?

Norton and McAfee AntiVirus are security programs that protect your computer from dangerous threats such as Trojans, spyware and viruses. With the rise in computer threats, running an antivirus pro... Read More »

How do I compare Norton antivirus to McAfee?

SpywareDownload the free trial of McAfee and Norton Antivirus to compare the services before purchasing. Compare the frequency at which spyware is detected and removed and how frequently it's monit... Read More »

Norton AntiVirus and McAfee security scan plus on same system?

Don't get rid of ALL your antivirus programs. To make your computer/internet browser run MUCH more smoothly, go to your antivirus settings and disable "Active Scan." PS- don't listen to all these n... Read More »

Which antivirus is best among this:- Norton, Kaspersky, Eset, Trustport, Mcafee, Bitdefender .?

Everyone is going to load up with meaningless personal opinions... How about some objective facts? Better yet, how about data/stats from a top research firm currently testing all of these vendors p... Read More »