Mazda Miata Top Instructions?

Answer The MX-5 or Miata is a lightweight sporty two-seat roadster manufactured by Mazda. All Miatas come standard with a convertible top. While some models have a convertible top that you must manually r... Read More »

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Mazda Miata Seat Removal Instructions?

The Mazda Miata has been a popular car since its introduction in 1990. Removing the seats from the car can be done by almost anyone. The process to remove the seats from the vehicle is basically th... Read More »

How to Fix Mazda Miata Headlights?

The only real fix for burned out headlights is to replace them. Since the Mazda Miata (also known as the Miata MX-5) has been around since 1989, there are a couple different procedures. The retract... Read More »

How to Add Air Conditioning to a Mazda Miata?

Refilling the refrigerant on your Mazda Miata is a relatively easy job that can be done by even the novice do-it-yourself mechanic. A refrigerant recharge kit, available at most auto-parts stores, ... Read More »

What gas mileage does the Mazda Miata get?

The 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata is available with a five-speed manual transmission, a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission. The EPA estimated fuel efficiency for the five-s... Read More »