Mazda 3 Factory Fog Light Installation?

Answer The factory fog lights on a Mazda 3 provide heightened visibility when you drive in dense fog by casting the light below the fog so it doesn't refract through the water vapor in the air. The fog li... Read More »

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Mazda Miata Fog Light Installation?

Due to the diminutive size of the Mazda Miata roadster, the more illumination you can cast from it while driving in inclement weather the better. If either of your fog light bulbs burns out, this l... Read More »

Installation of an E36 Factory Interior Mirror?

Rearview mirrors help ensure you have safe visibility at all times. Installing a factory mirror on your E36 BMW's windshield involves gluing a metal mounting button to the glass, and then sliding t... Read More »

Mazda 626 Windshield Installation?

The law says that if you have a crack in the windshield of your Mazda 626 that is bigger than a quarter, the windshield must be replaced. Going over a bump in the road can turn the smallest of crac... Read More »

Mazda Miata Mirror Installation?

The Mazda Miata is a fun, fast sports car offering fuel efficiency and convenience to its repertoire of features. The Miata, like most cars on the road today, is equipped with three mirrors: the re... Read More »