Mayonnaise.. UGH, who else hates this substance?

Answer I love Mayo...I hate miracle whip I love ketchupI love all kinds of mustard....i really like that spicy chinese mustard that comes in packets on my eggrollsI love tarter sauceI love horsey sauce fr... Read More »

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Who Else Hates Twilight?

I agree with you totally. I never knew much about it until my wife suggested I check it out. I thought the books were just plain boring, and then the movie came out, and it was even more boring the... Read More »

Who else hates Facebook?

Housework!!! who else hates doing it?

I know exactly what you mean! I'm sitting here answering questions when the house is a tip! Well, not really but it could do with a tidy at least! Got loads of ironing, more washing just finnish... Read More »

Who else HATES Miley Cyrus?

i do. she's annoying and obnoxious on her show. her songs make no sense at all and it's very obnoxious when she does those irritating catch phrases of hers " sweet nibblets and ya think?!" it's ann... Read More »