Maybelline and loreal mascaras hurt my eyes?

Answer there might b something that irritates ur eyes check the ingredients

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Why do your eyes hurt after you cry?

Well if you rubbed your eyes, then the rubbing in of dirt causes hurt and irritation.ALso, tears tend to dry and leave a residue behind like salt/dirt, this goes into the eye and causes more irrita... Read More »

Do you think I hurt my eyes?

You probably just irritated your eyes. I would lay down and maybe take a nap, to see if that helps resolve your eye issue. You could use eye drops to remoisten your eye. If not, go see eye doctor ... Read More »

Does it hurt your eyes?

Please Help :( My Eyes Hurt?

I have cried like that before too and not that long ago. What helps me when this happens is to get a washcloth soaked in cold water and hold it on my face. That will help with the bags and the puff... Read More »