Maybelline and loreal mascaras hurt my eyes?

Answer there might b something that irritates ur eyes check the ingredients

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Do contacts hurt you eyes?

They don't unless you don't keep them clean. They can cause irritation and infections if you don't use appropriate products for maintenance. If you plan to use them, remember wash your hands everyt... Read More »

Why do eye drops hurt my eyes?

No one is lying to you. Chances are, they probably were trying to make you feel better. Not everyone is sensitive to eye drops. Different people are sensitive to different things. Obviously, you ar... Read More »

Do you think I hurt my eyes?

You probably just irritated your eyes. I would lay down and maybe take a nap, to see if that helps resolve your eye issue. You could use eye drops to remoisten your eye. If not, go see eye doctor ... Read More »

Why do your eyes hurt after you cry?

Well if you rubbed your eyes, then the rubbing in of dirt causes hurt and irritation.ALso, tears tend to dry and leave a residue behind like salt/dirt, this goes into the eye and causes more irrita... Read More »