May a permanent resident alien receive disability benefits?

Answer In my opinion a permanent resident alien should be able to receive disabilitybenefits if only he is qualified for that according to the same low what is forUS citizen.Opposite to this statment is i... Read More »

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Can you receive life insurance other than accidental if you are receiving disability benefits the disability benefits are permanent due to a non-terminal illnesss?

The disability benefits are paid when it is ascertained that there can be no possibility of the life assured earning a livelihood ie. the life assured is totally incapicitated due to his illness so... Read More »

Can a permanent resident receive Social Security benefits?

Permanent residents of the U.S. have many of the same basic privileges as U.S. citizens, including Social Security after retirement. They must have worked at least 10 years (40 quarters) to receive... Read More »

Can I Apply for Citizenship Before I Get My New Permanent Resident Alien Card?

Immigrants cannot apply for legal citizenship through the naturalization process until they have lived in the United States for five years with an alien registration card. If an immigrant marries ... Read More »

If you receive unemployment benefits can you still receive disability benefits?

Generally speaking, No. There may be extenuating circumstances depending on the state involved where you worked and the nature of the disability. Technically, you wouldn't get disability unless you... Read More »