May I use a sato ribbon for my LM408e?

Answer Hello Diya I don't know why you are confused about this. Ye you can use sato ribbon for your LM408e printer. Cause those ribbons are made for the printer you got. You will get more information from... Read More »

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Is Takeru Sato in the new Kamen Rider OOO Den-O All Riders movie?

People can always write to TV show producers and suggest things. Look up the producer's address on any search engine, or by watching the show.

How do I ribbon zucchini?

Knife, Vegetable Peeler, MandolinePeel the zucchini using a knife, vegetable peeler or mandolin, cutting very thin ribbon-like slices along the length of the vegetable. Rotate the zucchini as you c... Read More »

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Adding a fabric or similar ribbon to a cake is a lovely way to upgrade the cake from just plain frosted to something glamorous. The ribbon chosen can be wide or slim, patterned or plain, in a color... Read More »

How to Draw a Ribbon?

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