Maxtor One Touch 4 corrupted. Comes up with error. PLEASE HELP.?

Answer Don't format it!!!!!!!Open My Computer and see what drive it is.Go to start > Runtype CMD and press enteryou should get a black DOS screen. Try typeing this:Chkdsk E: /For Chkdsk E: /Rwhere E is t... Read More »

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I need help with some CSS coding when it comes to aligning, please read?

Hi! Try creating a table inside your table row where you want the images to be displayed. Here is just some simple code that should help. I quickly done it in notepad, and my images are displaying ... Read More »

Please help with my plans to get ipod touch?

you could do the dishes or clean up around the house. organize something for them that they maybe have been putting off. you'll get better answers if you actually ask them, though.

Help please with facebook problem. I wish to add doorbell on my profile but it keeps saying error try later?

Theres a doorbell on facebook?I didn't know that.It sounds like another one of their glitches i don't think there is alot you can do till they fix the problem.Ive actually signed in and had a look,... Read More »

IPod Classic 160 GB is corrupted; I've done all I can think of to fix this but can't Please read on & help?

Try redownloading iTunes. Then uninstall the iPod software thee way you said you did it once iTunes is installed again add all the music and plug in your iPod and sync it back. It should work now. ... Read More »