Maxtor One Touch 4 corrupted. Comes up with error. PLEASE HELP.?

Answer Don't format it!!!!!!!Open My Computer and see what drive it is.Go to start > Runtype CMD and press enteryou should get a black DOS screen. Try typeing this:Chkdsk E: /For Chkdsk E: /Rwhere E is t... Read More »

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Software for Maxtor One Touch III ?

Not only is it available, the exact link you need is listed below.

How to Install Maxtor One Touch 4 Plus?

The Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus is an external FireWire or USB hard drive with the ability to store data from your computer using an automated backup program. The software for the OneTouch 4 Plus is sto... Read More »

How to Save Files to the Maxtor One Touch 4?

The Maxtor One-Touch hard drive is a large capacity drive that lets you back up data in case of a hard drive crash or your computer fails to boot. The hard drive comes with a backup software you u... Read More »

How to Restore a Maxtor One Touch 4 to the State it Was When I Purchased it?

If you're ready for a digital clean sweep, the "Maxtor One Touch 4" offers software that can help. Maxtor Manager, provided to drive owners, has a hidden feature which will perform a secure erase ... Read More »