Maximum ram i can install on P4 mother board?

Answer Without knowing the make and model of your motherboard we cannot answer this question.Please edit your question with more information.

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I have a new problem i need help with,my mother board has usb ports built on to the board and two plug ins on?

There should be a CD with drivers for your motherboard. I assume, that while those USB ports were disabled, Windows couldn't detect them and didn't install the neccessary drivers for them.Furthermo... Read More »

What is the maximum loss potential when buying an option on the Chicago Board of Trade?

The purchase of an option contract gives the owner the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the underlying security on (or before) the date it expires. The maximum loss potential is equal to ... Read More »

Mother board help?

Socket 939s will work on that mobo, but a AM2 version won't, as it has one more pin! Lol. You'll need to go on eBay to find one, though, because the socket 939s aren't made anymore.

What is mother board?

The motherboard is the brain of your computer. The motherboard is where the memory, the hard drive, cd, dvd, sound cards, etc. are all plugged into. The motherboard holds the CPU which is the com... Read More »