Maximum Period of Exclusivity for Bankruptcy?

Answer The exclusivity period in bankruptcy refers to the period of time in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the debtor to file a plan of reorganization. Specifically, this is the period of time within which t... Read More »

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What is an exclusivity agreement?

An exclusivity agreement is when a person or company signs an agreement with another person or company stating that he will not work with a competing company.LegalityAn exclusivity contract is a bi... Read More »

Is there a probationary period after declaring bankruptcy?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code governs all aspects of bankruptcy proceedings. The Bankruptcy Code does not require or impose a probationary period after a debtor declares or files a bankruptcy case.Sourc... Read More »

What Is Exclusivity in a Sales Agreement?

People who want to sell something with the help of someone else generally spell out the terms of the arrangement in a sales contract. Many contracts include exclusivity. Exclusivity in a sales agre... Read More »

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