Maxima Vs. Mazda 6S?

Answer The Nissan Maxima and the Mazda6s are midsize Japanese imported cars targeting the same market. While the Mazda6s feature upper-level trim levels, option packages for both vehicles are similar. The... Read More »

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Maxima Supercharged Vs. Maxima Turbocharged?

Nissan made a pretty bold claim when it began marketing its Maxima flagship sedan as a four-door sports car. However, Nissan brought the message home when the manufacturer installed the same VG30E ... Read More »

How Do I Compare a Mazda 3 to a Mazda 6?

The Japanese Mazda corporation has gained a reputation for developing cars that are fun to drive. Recent releases have included the Mazda 3 model, which is available in a five-door hatchback versio... Read More »

Where Is the ECU on a'94 Maxima?

The ECU, or engine control module, on a 1994 Nissan Maxima is located under the dashboard. On the driver's side, down in the foot well of the Maxima and behind the radio, you can access the ECU.Ref... Read More »

Where Is the OBD Connector on a Maxima?

A Nissan Maxima's second-generation On-Board Diagnostic Connector can be found under the dashboard and to the left of the steering column. It will be uncovered, with no access panels blocking it fr... Read More »