Max volume on speakers in a split second?

Answer An old Popular Electronics book had a circuit call a " Com-pander" to compress or expand an audio signal. The easiest way is a volume control made with a ( 10 K) resistor & photocell on the inpu... Read More »

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How to Make Speakers With Volume Control?

Computers have always been a strong candidate for speakers with volume control. Even though it is possible to change the volume using the computer's menus and software, having an external volume co... Read More »

How to Increase the Volume of Laptop Speakers?

The volume level of stereo speakers built into most laptop computers can be adjusted using the hotkeys on the keyboard. The specific keys vary with the brand of laptop, but will typically feature ... Read More »

Grumpy Mac! Why Don't Speakers Produce The Same Volume At All Frequencies?

First just defining "the same volume at all frequencies" is not as simple as it seems. You could do this based on a simple on axis frequency response measurement but this isn't a complete picture.... Read More »

In-ceiling speakers + volume control: how to connect to amp/receiver?

I just did this in my house but I had 6 sets of speakers, 2 bedrooms, hallway, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. I went online and ordered a "Speaker selector switch" I got a Phoenix gold 6 zone speaker sel... Read More »