Mature adult returns to college?

Answer Your career choice is what will determine your ability to find work. I am 42 returned a year ago seeking a degree to teach. Teachers are in great demand in many states. Of course subject area is a ... Read More »

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Do you tell a mature adult that she is going to die soon?

There are a number of reasons that your mother may have a shortened survival. If the doctors have determined that the cancer has spread to multiple organs (lung, liver, brain...) then that is defi... Read More »

How to Be a Mature Young Adult?

A young adult consists between the ages 18-24. As you may know, not all people at this age, despite being young adults, have reached the maturity stage yet. These steps hopefully will help any youn... Read More »

What are some adult/mature rated music videos?

Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue has nudity in it (you can see it on their VEVO uncensored)Running to the Edge of the World by Marilyn Manson has a "mature" music video, meaning that it's slightly ... Read More »

Do I have to claim my college age daughter in my tax returns?

Taxpayers do not have to claim college age children as dependents on a tax return, although it generally lowers the tax burden, according to Intuit. Those children who are part-time students can on... Read More »