Mating Habits of Mallard Ducks?

Answer Mallards are the most abundant duck in North America and the most hunted. They can be found in wetlands and urban park ponds. Most mallard ducks select mates in the fall and breed in the spring, be... Read More »

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How to Call Mallard Ducks?

Calling Mallard ducks is a trick that many hunters learn to help them hunt. Using a duck call to attract ducks to an area is an effective way to hunt and will lead to a successful kill. Some people... Read More »

Can you feed mallard ducks bird seed?

Yes, you can feed mallard ducks birdseed. Although better than bread, this is not the healthiest choice for feeding ducks at a park. According to Kimberly Link in "The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook,"... Read More »

Mating Habits of Sea Monkeys?

Sea monkeys are a hybrid species of saltwater shrimp. They have no natural habitat because they were bred specifically for being raised in aquariums as an intriguing alternative to fish. They grow ... Read More »

Facts on the Mating Habits of the Fanshell?

The Fanshell mussel -- scientific name Cyprogenia stegaria -- and its relative, the Western Fanshell mussel or Cyprogenia aberti, are among several endangered North American mussels. Found primaril... Read More »