Mathematics: The Properties of 3D Shapes?

Answer Three-dimensional shapes have four properties that set them apart from two-dimensional shapes: faces, vertices, edges and volume. These properties not only allow you to determine whether the shape ... Read More »

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Describe the Properties of Geometric Shapes?

Geometric shapes make up everything around us. Geometric shapes can be both two-dimensional, like the screen of your computer, and three-dimensional, like a child's ball. Each geometric shape has i... Read More »

Learning Activities for Properties of 3-D Shapes?

3-D shapes have three dimensions -- height, width and depth -- which distinguish them from 2-D or 1-D objects and shapes. Because 3-D objects are solids, students can perform activities such as cre... Read More »

Torsional Section Properties of Steel Shapes?

The torsional section property of a steel shape refers to the amount of rotating or twisting force that a section of steel can withstand before failing. Different shapes of steel sections possess d... Read More »

Concepts & Skills in Teaching the Properties of Plane Shapes?

The teaching of plane shapes has developed beyond the study of synthetic Euclidian plane geometry. Formal proofs and logic share instructional time with informal approaches based on the understandi... Read More »