Mathematics Problem-solving Activities for the Third Grade?

Answer Mathematics problem-solving activities for the third grade classroom enhance what students are learning in textbook lessons. Teachers can create center and extension activities so students can lear... Read More »

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Second-Grade Math Problem-Solving Activities?

Second-grade math includes continued practice and mastery of basic addition and subtraction, the introduction or multiple-digit addition and subtraction and the introduction of multiplication. Coun... Read More »

Fourth Grade Math Problem Solving Activities?

Fourth-grade math deals with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers as well as fractions. Because this type of math is essential to everyday life, it is easy to show fourth-gra... Read More »

Problem Solving Activities for a 9th Grade Algebra Class?

Students entering their first year of high school need to be prepared to build on knowledge from previous grades. Ninth-grade algebra has several core outcomes, including investigating situations i... Read More »

Problem Solving Skills for 3rd Grade?

By third grade, students have learned the basics. They know how to read and to add and subtract. The next step is learning how to apply that knowledge through critical thinking and problem-solving ... Read More »