Math or Music I got into TAMS, uncertain about it.?

Answer I think you should do whatever you like more. the amount of money you'll make and what people expect of you is irrelevant. this sounds really cheesy and stuff but I think you should follow your hea... Read More »

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Are tim tams an australian food?

I want to cut my hair but I'm uncertain?

Omg, ur beautiful.I really think the second long style would look best.Thankss.

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Event During Uncertain Weather?

When holding an event outdoors during a changeable season, it is important to have several options available to you in case something goes very wrong weather-wise.

How to Use Music in Learning Math?

Music is an art and a universal language that can accentuate virtually any other subject area in the classroom. Math has close connections with music, since the rhythmic basis for music is extremel... Read More »