Math Word Problems With Missing Information?

Answer When key items are missing from a math word problem, your first inclination is to visualize the problem, re-creating the story in your mind. Let's see, so Sue has 10 apples on the counter, but thre... Read More »

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How to Help Children With Math Word Problems?

Math word problems continuously stump children. Combining both the challenge of reading and math, it is difficult for many kids to work out math word problems. By aiding children and teaching them ... Read More »

How to Teach Comprehension With Math & Word Problems?

Since the 1980s, pedagogy has tended toward interdisciplinary approaches, rather than teaching subjects in isolation, to provide a fuller understanding of subjects in context. Word problems are an ... Read More »

SMART Board Games With Math Word Problems?

Word problems are a mathematics concept first learned in elementary school. In contrast to strictly numerical equations, word problems use sentences to describe mathematics problems. Learning to un... Read More »

Math Games That Help With Word Problems for the 3rd Grade?

Students are able to understand more complicated math problems when there is a way for them to envision them, rather than be exposed to the number equation. Word problems are a good way of producin... Read More »