Math Word Problems With Missing Information?

Answer When key items are missing from a math word problem, your first inclination is to visualize the problem, re-creating the story in your mind. Let's see, so Sue has 10 apples on the counter, but thre... Read More »

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Help for Math Word Problems?

Many people have a hard time with math. When presented with word problems, it seems to become even more difficult. Math word problems pose many problems. People may not understand the question and ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Math Word Problems?

Step away from the boring math textbook word problems and create your own. By creating your own and involving children, you make solving math word problems fun for kids. Be creative and use things ... Read More »

How to Teach Word Problems in Math?

Teaching math problems to students is a way of engaging them without using only numbers. Since knowledge is based upon adding to existing concepts, using words allows students to add an equation to... Read More »

Math Word Problems for 4th Graders?

Math word problems for 4th graders should challenge the students math and reading-comprehension abilities. When you create word problems for 4th graders, make the problems relevant to their current... Read More »