Math Tricks and Games?

Answer Teaching kids math tricks and helping them sort through a complexity of problems is easy to do with board, card and online games. Educational and fun games are available and cover basic equating su... Read More »

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Math Tricks to Make Math Easier?

Many people find mathematics intimidating, or they simply forget how to do mental calculations as soon as they graduate from school. Learn a few math tricks to make mental calculations more easily,... Read More »

How to Learn Math Tricks?

Math tricks can help cut down on your calculations of equations. You can use shortcuts or learn situational rules to make quick calculations. Math tricks can also help you stump your friends. You c... Read More »

Division Tricks for Math?

Put simply, division is the process of breaking numbers down into groups. However, when a student learns to calculate a division problem, the task can seem much more daunting and frustrating than i... Read More »

Elementary Math Tricks?

Many math teachers rely heavily on worksheets for instruction and assessment. For this reason, many students dread and even fear math class. Some of them are intimidated by long pages of various ma... Read More »