Math Projects for Fourth Graders to Present to the Class?

Answer Math projects to be presented to the class should ideally present a new and surprising perspective on a set of data or situation which all the students are familiar with. This way the students can ... Read More »

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How to Make Math Fun for Fourth-Graders?

Math as a fun concept is a foreign idea to many fourth-graders. The subject's emphasis on numbers and formulas makes it seem more like a boring chore than an engaging experience. Although the avera... Read More »

Patriotism Projects for Fourth-Graders?

Fourth-grade students begin to learn about the history of the United States for the first time. Therefore, many educators seek out projects that excite and interest fourth-grade students in America... Read More »

Thanksgiving Projects for Fourth Graders?

The Thanksgiving holiday provides opportunities to incorporate a variety of entertaining, festive activities into your fourth grade lesson plan. Enhance your students' critical thinking skills and ... Read More »

Science Projects for Fourth-graders on Crocodiles?

Elementary school science projects are an opportunity for young learners to depart from the curriculum and delve deeply into a topic that excites them. Often this will involve a unique location, hi... Read More »