Math Projects About Ratios & Rates?

Answer Math projects about ratios and rates are of interest to middle school students, who often dream of holding a job like their older friends or siblings do. They begin to help with the grocery shoppin... Read More »

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How to Find Unit Ratios & Rates?

Unit rates and unit ratios are the same thing. These look at how one figure changes in relation to just one unit of another figure. These usually have the word "per" in them. For example, the rate ... Read More »

How to Do Ratios in Math?

Ratios compare two numbers, such as to give an overview of the population of an organization. For example, universities publish their ratios of teachers to students or their ratio of male to female... Read More »

How to Teach Math Ratios?

You are teaching ratio and proportion to a classroom of students. Alternatively, you may be tutoring a friend or relative. In any event, you want to help the students learn and retain the informati... Read More »

Math Problems on Inequalities & Ratios?

Solving inequalities involves many of the same steps as solving regular equations. In other words, you want to group like terms, simplify and isolate "x" to solve for it. Unlike equations, we will ... Read More »