Math Problems on Inequalities & Ratios?

Answer Solving inequalities involves many of the same steps as solving regular equations. In other words, you want to group like terms, simplify and isolate "x" to solve for it. Unlike equations, we will ... Read More »

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How to Use Ratios to Solve Math Problems?

You can solve a wide range of math problems using ratios and proportions. A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. These numbers are usually separated by a colon, which represents the word "to." For... Read More »

Tips on Using Ratios to Solve Math Problems?

Math is used everyday. Whether you are at work, doing homework or even shopping, math is everywhere. When solving math problems, ratios can be used to help figure out an equation or number. A ratio... Read More »

Math Games for Inequalities?

Making math class fun helps to raise the interest level of the students. One helpful device is games. These games bring a sense of fun to the learning process. Inequalities frustrate children at ti... Read More »

How to Do Ratios in Math?

Ratios compare two numbers, such as to give an overview of the population of an organization. For example, universities publish their ratios of teachers to students or their ratio of male to female... Read More »