Math Measuring Problems?

Answer Each state department of education publishes performance standards for middle school mathematics, and the Educational Testing Service certifies teachers' proficiency in calculating direct and indir... Read More »

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Interactive Measuring Games for Math?

Measure the concept understanding of children informally when measuring items during a mathematical game. Children can find the length, width, height and depth of tangible items or drawings with ei... Read More »

Math Measuring Activities for Kids?

Math activitities don't have to consist of reading from a textbook and writing math problems on paper. There are many fun and hands-on activities that teach children the concept of measuring. Aside... Read More »

Math Games for Grade 2 for Measuring Length?

Children can learn about length measurement by measuring desks, doors, tables and other objects at home and work, then recording their measurements into books they can color and bind with yarn. Int... Read More »

Math Signal Words for Solving Math Problems?

In math, being able to read and understand what a question is asking you to do is just as important as the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students should be int... Read More »